Freedom from the familiar and worldly

  “There is FREEDOM to be found in letting go of the familiar, worldly ways of measuring a human life.” I found this quote by Soren Kierkegaard, an amazing thinker of the 19th century and it is rocking my world! How easy is it for us to measure ourselves and others based on what isContinue reading “Freedom from the familiar and worldly”

living in free will vs. living in freedom

For weeks I have been wrestling with my self about whether or not I am loving others well. Loving them the way Jesus loves them. I have been wrestling with why I feel so strongly about certain things and if those feelings are righteous or are they condemning. The word that the Lord had beganContinue reading “living in free will vs. living in freedom”

UMC vs. LGBT – even without the sin

Before I begin, Lord thank you for the beautiful creation you have made in each one of us. May the truth of your word stand firm always. May the words I write be full of love, righteousness and truth. Send your healing spirit to all that is unhealthy in this nation. Come soon, Jesus. InContinue reading “UMC vs. LGBT – even without the sin”