A toilet paper parable

Dear Graduates,

I know these times are strange. Here’s a little wisdom from “The bible Lady”.

“The Bible Lady”

I don’t mean to downplay the disappointing time this is for you but I promise you, this is but a drop in the bucket of life for you. Do not stay in your disappointment but instead draw near to Jesus, figure out who He really is by reading the word of God. Find hope in the truth that non of this has taken any value or promise from your future. You are loved.


Jesie Browning

*Dedicated to my precious neice Madisen Melice – Class of 2020 and

*Casey Rebecca Flynn – Gone way to soon.

Published by jesiebrowning

Jesie is a mom, wife, former professional dancer/owner of The Knoxville Dance Project. She is now dedicated to momming, wifeing, and sharing the truth and freedom found through following Jesus.

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