Love them like I love you…LGBTQ

So, I have to tell you all about this book I read called “A war of Loves”. I could not put it down! It has changed my entire perspective of the LGBTQI community and it has convicted me in so many ways.

So this is the background of the book. A man named David Bennett(the author) came out to his family when he was 14. He went to a Christian school. He was treated poorly by most of his peers. He completely rebelled against the word of God and his Christian faith. I don’t want to give to much away because you must read this book for yourself BUT he gets saved in the most unlikely place, the Lord speaks to Him, his heart is softened and He is changed forever. He still calls himself a gay man but knows his true identity is in Jesus and he has sacrificed his sexual life to the Lord and lives a celibate life because he believes the word of God.

Over the past several years I have felt a “burden of a need”(what ever that even means:)) for the Lord to teach me how to love gay people well. Doesn’t that sound so gross. I’m a 37 year old Christian woman and I need to be taught how to love gay people? I know Eww, BUT What I have discovered is, it has never been about me not loving them. I have always loved gay people. I have family members and good friends that are gay. Being a performer I met and loved many gay people. Without a few of them I probably would have been found dead in the back alley of a dance club a time or two. No, the question is not how do I love them because I already do. The question is how do I love them like Jesus loves them?

His answer, The same way I love you.

I cried like a big fat baby reading the conversations the author had with the Lord. It remiwoman-adultery-mary-magadalene-Christ_and_the_sinner-copynded me of exactly how Jesus pursued me. How could I forget? How has my testimony become “what God did for me” instead of “what God continues to do for me”? Jesus walks with me Relentlessly, Perfectly and right where I am, inside my sin. How is that different from anyone else? It’s not!

The only way to love anyone well is to love them right where they are because that’s how Jesus loves us.

  1. We must stop believing that it is our job to tell someone what there sin is. Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:4-5 to remove the log out of our own eye before we offer to get the speck out of another’s eye. We must remember his purpose in saying this was not to condone other’s sin but so that we may become humble in our relationship with the Lord and in turn become compassionate to others because we know the weight of our own sin. There is absolutely a time to speak truthfully to our friends about each other’s sin because we love each other. This conversation is only followed though by gradually  growing in relationship with this friend. Loving them fully and becoming a trusted friend. It would be a very rare instance where the Holy Spirit would lead any one of us to announce the sin of a stranger. Or to proclaim in on the internet.
  2. We must stop believing that we have any ability to save anyone. Isn’t it just like us as humans to come to the notion that we can save a soul. Out of my love for Jesus I have absolutely thought about saving people’s souls! Like, how cool because I know how much their life would change for the better and like I would totally earn some God points if I like SAVED someone. Gross.  Our own good intentions apart from the Holy Spirit is a sad day for the Kingdom of God. The job is done. The mission is complete. Our ONLY job is to tell others what Jesus has done for us and HE does the rest. HIM! He does it. John 15:4 Abide in me and I will abide on you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed form the vine. and you cannot be fruitful apart from me. I am guilty.
  3. We must stop believing that the FIRST thing Jesus would say to a sinner is stop sinning. I have yet to find anywhere in scripture where the First thing Jesus says to some one is Stop Sinning. Yes, In John 5:14 Jesus tells the Lame man, stop sinning or something even worse may happen BUT not before He tells him your sins are forgiven. Yes, In John 8:11 He tells the prostitute Go and sin no more BUT not before He says Neither do I condemn you.  Let’s do what Jesus does FIRST. Let’s tell others their sins are forgiven. This is what softens their hearts to the King of the world, Jesus.

Last but certainly NOT least I have to talk about the author’s decision to be celibate in honor of his love for our Savior. I am absolutely in aww of David’s righteous decision here and I KNOW our father in heaven is just jumping for joy that David got it! David heard God, David ran so hard after Jesus that he got it! David so loves Jesus that he has given up his earthly desires so that he may be of service to Jesus. I mean come on!! What have I ever given up that I truly desired? Phew. ALSO, How super duper precious is it that David (the author) is named David, who in the bible is considered to be a man after God’s own heart?! It may have been just a nice name to his mom at the time BUT God! Oh But God Knew.

I find it hilarious that the song that is playing at the Juice bar right now is Aerosmith’s “Walk this way”, cause really, all Jesus wants us to do is love people in a way that when He tells them to “walk His way” they will not hesitate.

Be a blessing today!




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Jesie is a mom, wife, former professional dancer/owner of The Knoxville Dance Project. She is now dedicated to momming, wifeing, and sharing the truth and freedom found through following Jesus.

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