living in free will vs. living in freedom

For weeks I have been wrestling with my self about whether or not I am loving others well. Loving them the way Jesus loves them. I have been wrestling with why I feel so strongly about certain things and if those feelings are righteous or are they condemning. The word that the Lord had began answering me with is Freedom. Freedom?

This past weekend my husband and I spent the night in Downtown Nashville for his birthday. Saturday morning we went to a breakfast place called Another broken egg. We each ordered a cup of coffee and when they were delivered to us they cam in the most fabulous coffee cup I had ever seen at a breakfast restaurant. Each cup was a different color. Pryor’s was a cool dark brown and tan mix and mine was ivory and purple. They were the perfect little size and looked hand crafted and hand spun. They were seriously so cool. I began looking around the restaurant and realized everyone’s coffee cup was  a different color and each one was more beautiful than the next. In my humanness, I leaneIMG_1330d over to Pryor and said I love these coffee cups. Do you think I could put one in my purse and take it home? In other words, can I steel it? Pryor confirmed how cool the coffee cups were and said, Babe, if you want one that bad I’m sure they sell them. I’ll buy it for you. And so he did.

Just the night before Pryor and I had been talking about how every sin is created equal. I was adamant about it. He is a great questions asker and no matter what he asked me I stood my ground about every person being equally guilty because of our sin and equally saved because of Jesus. So a few days after my coffee cup humanness we were on the couch and Pryor asked me, If you really think that every sin is equal than why would you even consider stealing that coffee cup? I thought about it for a bit and realized I wasn’t really worried about stealing the coffee cup because I knew my salvation was secure in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. I felt yucky admitting that but it was true.

So, think with me a bit here… If I would have stolen that coffee cup out of my free will to do so my salvation would have been safe at hand because of my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior but naturally (because this is what sin does) a little piece of my heart would have become bound by my transgression. I would have had a little bit of shame, maybe guilt about it and the enemy could have used it to trick me. That certainly is not freedom.  Since I didn’t steal  it, I am free. I am light hearted and my conscience is clear.

Now I know that this coffee cup thing could seem a little silly but As I’ve wrapped my head around my answer I have realized that my answer is the reason so many people are living without the full freedom of the resurrection of Christ. In fact (though this is not actually happening) I feel like the Lord is screaming at me, This is it! The resurrection is it!  Its as if we have accepted the covering of our sins by Jesus’ blood but have rejected the Freedom of His resurrection!

Just yesterday I saw a social media post of a woman who is a very influential speaker and writer and a can I just tell you something about her. She is fabulous! She is gorgeous, talented, kind, loving and everything she wears I wish I had in my closet. One thing that concerns me though is her perspective on freedom. Her post was speaking on how she was so thankful for the people who came before her so that she now is afforded the FREEDOM to stand on stage , love her wife, hold her had and live out load with her in FREEDOM. As I read her post this question stirred in me. Is she living in free will or is she living in freedom?

The safety net of Jesus’ blood can deceive us (this actually has nothing to do with Jesus but is of the enemy)

into living in free will and not in true freedom. We are completely innocent form sin through faith in Jesus Christ. Let me say that again, We are completely innocent from sin because of our faith in Jesus Christ. We can easily live a wonderful life safe in our free will because of the blood Jesus shed for us but why would we stay there? It is in the resurrection that our FREEDOM is born. When we accept Jesus and live only in our free will we are living half the gospel. The Resurrection is where the freedom comes in. The new life comes in. The old things become new! The dead become alive.

I have so much jumping around in my head about this I could go on forever but I have too many kids for all that. One could be coloring on the walls somewhere at this point. I will leave you with this.

Where in your life are you living in your free will but you think it’s freedom? Do you know the resurrection freedom?  Real freedom? Biblical freedom? Godly freedom? Righteous freedom? God fearing, holy, righteous and true freedom?

Fun side note: I find it hilarious that the café where we ate was called “Another broken egg café” because it reminded me that I am just another broken egg in need of Jesus.

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Jesie is a mom, wife, former professional dancer/owner of The Knoxville Dance Project. She is now dedicated to momming, wifeing, and sharing the truth and freedom found through following Jesus.

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