Sharing in Truth and Freedom

Freedom Fridays!

Did you know that Christ came to bring you freedom? There was I time when I didn’t. When you give your life to Jesus you have freedom from everything this world has to offer. Freedom Fridays are days I remind all of us what we have freedom from through Christ.


There is nothing I want more thatn to tell women about the love of Jesus. We are so precious tour savior and above all else I want women everywhere to know how loved they are by our God and the great lengths He has gone to, to bring us all to heaven with Him.

Mother of God

Being a momma is hard. Can you imagine being the Mother of God? Imagine with us (My mom and me) what that must have been like…

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About Dear Sister

There is nothing like having a sister to share life with. I hope this blog will leave you filled with the truth of God’s word and the Freedom given to us through Jesus Christ.

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